The top 10 things I learned this Halloween

The top 10 things I learned this Halloween

1) I’ve definitely adjusted to living in the Midwest. I sent my kids out trick-or-treating during a tornado watch.

2) It was fortunate that the boys wanted to dress up as Tuukka Rask and Tom Brady instead of Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz. Here in Cardinal Nation, we may have gotten rocks instead of candy just a day after the Red Sox broke Cardinal fans’ hearts in the World Series.


3) My five year-old son doesn’t trust himself. While sorting his candy, I asked him what we were going to do when he was done. I was thinking to myself, why go through all that effort organizing it just to dump it all back into the same bag? He responded, “You can hide it from me, mom.”

4) People from the city think dressing up in camouflage is a costume. How weird is that?

5) Always clean your guest bathroom. You never know what random-stranger/trick-or-treater may ask to use it.

6) Three month-old babies in costumes like candy, too. Thank goodness they have their parents to help them trick-or-treat!

7) I was being stingy with candy at the beginning of the night. (Gotta love neighborhood kids. They always know how to keep it real.)

8) It’s hard to keep jack-o-lanterns lit in high winds.

9) A night of chili dogs, corn chips and candy after getting caught trick-or-treating in a thunderstorm is always more fun with friends.

10) A pumpkin on a pregnant belly gets a lot of “Ooohs” and “Ahhs.” (With just three weeks left to go, I’ll do anything to look cute.)

My little pumpkin

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  1. Jane Glover says:

    Heather, Meredith told us that your “little pumpkin” has arrived. We are soooo happy for you! Blessings to you all! Love, Ron and Jane

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